Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Interesting use of Randall at the Blind Tiger

There is a really cool event at the Blind Tiger, NYC, this evening. They are serving Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA through six different Randalls. What is interesting is that it is not just hops in the Randalls this time. Instead they are going to serve the beer through a lot of different things that'll lend flavour to the beers.

Here's the list:

Simple Thai: lemongrass
Mint Julep: mint & bourbon balls
Summer Fresco: melon & assorted fruits
Northern Winter: pine & spruce
Italian Seasoning: pine nuts & dried oregano
Hoppy Giant: warrior & columbus hops

I wish I could be there, but as its on the other side of the pond its going to be difficult for me to get there in time. I'll have to try something like this myself sometime.


Lars Marius Garshol said...

It does sound very cool. Now all you need is a cask of the 90 minute and to make five more randalls. Should be a piece of cake, right? :)

R. Glipglorp said...

This would have been awesome to go to.

I hope a report ends up surfacing somewhere about how this went... I'm skeptical about whether much of what was in some of the Randalls would actually be imparted to the beer, given the already robust hoppiness of the DFH 90.

stig said...


Litt usikker på om jeg når deg på indiapaleale - uansett vi snakket om å bytte en SA Triple Bock mot en Herkules IPA - jeg er på Bar & Cigar torsdag fra kl 1700. Hvis ikke jobber jeg jo i samme bygning.

Stig Holm

Anonymous said...

I noticed way back in Brew #39 you added cinnamon as an anti-oxident. How were the results? Are you still adding it to your homebrews?

grove said...


Hard to say. This is all very unscientific as it is hard to say anything about the effects given the low number of tests. The cinnamon certainly did not hurt, but I can't tell whether it helped either. In any case it is a low-cost trick.

I suspect that most of the oxidation I experience in my beers happen because of oxidation that happen at bottling time. There is certainly less oxidation in my kegged beer.