Sunday, July 20, 2008

Brew #60: Rye IPA

This is an adaptation of Denny Conn's popular Rye IPA. I had to change the recipe somewhat as I did not have some of the ingredients.

The batch is already kegged, but as the CO2 tank ran out yesterday I have not yet been able to taste it carbonated. Will have to get it refilled on Monday. It tastes promising though.

As this was the first time that I used the outdoor brewery this year the brew day was ridden with errors on my part. I had problems with a leakage close to the pump, so that air got sucked into the pump causing the pump to stall. I spent about half an hour trying to locate where the leakage was. In the end I realized that the silicone tubing was torn near the hose clamp. This extra time lowered the mash temperature to about 63C. Fortunately the beer did not dry out as much as I had thought. I have struggled with the pump before, but next time this problem should have been elimiated.

The batch was brewed 2008-06-16.

40 liters. All grain, batch sparge
30 EBC (Copper)
62 IBU
9200g Maris Otter malt, Thomas Fawcett
2000g Rye malt, Weyermann
1500g Wheat malt extract 55%, Muntons
900g Carahell malt, Weyermann
500g Dark Crystal malt 300 EBC, Thomas Fawcett
65C, 60 min
50% efficiency
150g Cascade whole, 6.8%, 60 min
100g Cascade whole, 6.8%, 10 min
80g Simcoe whole 13.0%, 1 min
15g Amarillo whole 8.0%, 1 min
2 packs Wyeast 2450 Denny’s Favorite 50, 2.5 liter starter
90 min
21 C

OG: 1.063 FG: 1.013 abv: 6.6%


Anonymous said...

Dear Geir Ove,

I found your blog searching the internet with a question if its legal to brew beer in Norway. Well, it very much seems like it is.... I'm living in New Zealand at the moment, where I'm just at batch #36. I will be moving to Oslo in September and will ship most of my brewing gear. From your recipes, it looks like you can get all the ingredients I would like (such as liquid yeasts and grains). I was just wondering if its expensive to get ingredients there? Here I get my grains at cost from a brewery, so its fairly cheap...

Cheers! (or Skall!)


grove said...


Yes, you can get most ingredients and equipment quite easily here. The availability has improved a lot the last couple of years. The prices are not too bad, especially given the cost of everything else in this country.

You can check out the prices and selection of the two online HBS' here:

A 25 kg sack of pale malt is typically 350 NOK and a vial of liquid yeast is 69 NOK.

Anonymous said...

Hi Geir,

Thanks for your answer, interestingly, prices are not really that much higher compared to what we get here (maybe 20-30% or so). So it must be tremendously economical to brew your own beer in Norway? I remember from last time being there that prices of beer in the pubs were, well, hmmm very expensive. As for the yeast, I'm really into brewing belgian beers because you can get so close to the style with bottle fermentation. So I use the same type of yeast a lot of the time. I found that it is quite easy to propagate the yeast to use for multiple brews, so that brings the cost for yeast down dramatically. I actually revived some yeast after a year, and while I had to use some tricks (plating it out to grow aerobically and isolate a proper clean strain) it did provide great fermentation and good tasting beer.

I tried browsing the websites you recommended, and I should learn more Norwegian before I completely understand them!

Ha det bra!

Unknown said...

The recipe sounds great! I've not brewed with Rye - hows does it taste? Pitty I'm miles from Oslo, I'm sure a taste would have been enlightening!

grove said...


If you pass through Oslo sometime I'm sure I could get you a sample. :)

The beer is nice. It has a bready flavour from the rye, with a pungent hoppiness. My wife loves it.

Next time I'll drop the rye when making an IPA. I prefer the regular version, though this was an interesting and tasty experiment.