Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A quick update

Alright, enough procrastination. It has not been much of a summer this year as it has been cold and raining most of the time. Better luck next year I guess. A lot of things have happened since the last post though.

First of all I've built a whole new brewery. This one is dedicated to outdoors brewing. The plan is to use this brewery when the weather is OK and when it makes sense to brew bigger batches. In this part of the world this means early spring to late autumn.

The brew pot holds 100 liters, which in theory should make it possible to brew 80 liters of beer at a time. I have brewed with it twice this summer, an American IPA and a Weissbier. I'll post the recipes and my experiences with this new brewery shortly. In the meantime you get a photo of the brew pot and gas burner in action.


Travis said...

Welcome back!

You should post some details about your new brewery. I'm a gadget geek.


hege said...

hey - i was just browsing around and found your blog. I've just begun to homebrew and plan on continuing until i move to oslo (my wife is norwegian and we're probably coming in about 2 years). it was depressing, but not surprising, to see there were no real supplies or brewshops available, but i was certainly happy to see that its apparently legal and there is at least one person i can contact for advice. Looks like you've got quite a setup and valuable experience. thanks for the site.

-Randy Lowe
Brooklyn, NY

hege said...

about an hour after i posted the above comment i headed home on the subway and opened the newspaper to spot this OP-ED:

hege said...