Sunday, June 17, 2007

Brew #50: Roggenbier

I am quite excited about this beer. A roggenbier is like a dunkelweizen, except that the wheat malt has been fully replaced by rye malt. Not having tried a German roggenbier before I do look very much forward to doing so. It is going to be interesting to compare this batch with a commercial interpretation of the style -- once I get hold of one.

The mash smelled absolutely wonderful when I mashed in. The predominate aromas were rye bread and nutty chocolate. I am not particularly fond of pumpernickel bread, but I do like other kinds of rye bread.

When I started brewing I thought that I had 3 kg of rye malt on had, something I did not, so 750 grams were replaced by wheat malt. This means that the rye content is 40% and not above 50% as dictated by the BJCP style definition. But, who cares. I had absolutely no problem mashing the rye.

German wheat yeasts are supposed to be pitched a little low so that the clove and banana characteristics can develop more, so this time I did not make as starter. Instead I just poured the contents of the swollen smack-pack into the wort. I really wanted to try this out in a weissbier, but this will have to do for now.

The batch was brewed 2007-06-17.

All grain, batch sparge
32 EBC (Copper)
12 IBU
2250g Rye malt
1500g Münchener malt
1000g Pale malt
750g Wheat malt
250g Caramünich malt
250g Dark crystal malt
50g Carafa I, debittered chocolate malt
67C, 60 min
76C, 10 min (mashout)
72% efficiency
40g Tettnanger pellets, 2.7%, 60 min
18g Tettnanger pellets, 2.7%, 15 min
Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen Yeast, production date 2007-04-16, no starter
90 min
OG: 1.053 FG: 1.013 (estimated) abv: 5.2%


Anonymous said...

Were you happy with this beer in the end?

grove said...

Yes, I liked it a lot. It reminded me a lot of a dunkel weizen, but had a rounded bready flavour from the rye. I still haven't tried any commercial samples yet, so I do not have anything to compare it with.

Of the four beers I had on tap at the time the (it is long gone now btw) roggenbier was thought the best by those trying them.

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