Friday, February 23, 2007

Homebrew shops in Norway?

Well, unfortunately there aren't that many options. In fact, there is just one single place where you can get a decent selection of brewing ingredients like malts and hops in this country. Yes, you heard right, just a single shop that sells hops or malts(!).

There are a lot of amateur wine and beer extract shops, but none of these provide anything close to what a non-newbie beer brewer would need. You cannot do without hops, and even malts if you're an all-grain brewer.

Petit Agentur is the place to get your brewing fix. They are located in Bergen on the west coast, something like 500 km away from where I live.

I understand that it probably isn't easy to run a small scale shop like this in a country of only 4.6 million inhabitants. So, I appreciate that there is at least someone who is willing to provide a great service to homebrewers in Norway.

Since I live in Oslo this means that I have to get orders shipped to me via the Postal Service. This is inconvenient especially when ordering sacks of malt. The shipping cost is approximately the same as the cost of the malt itself. For other brewing ingredients and other smaller items this is [almost] perfect.

The alternative for most homebrewers is to do their shopping in Sweden, Denmark or even the US.

But, if you're a homebrewer stuck in Norway this is the place.


Anonymous said...

If you can get to lillestrøm, can order your supplies from Petit for you, and probably save you the shipping cost.

It's a nice little shop as well, fair prices, and even a small selection of hops and useful things like Irish moss and extracts.

Anonymous said...

Try contacting Haandbryggeriet, maybe they would sell you malt and hops. I know Nøgne Ø would, but they are a bit far away from your home. If you have a car, Haandbryggeriet would be nice. And what about Oslo Mikrobryggeri?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the Info! I was hoping to get started on a batch of pale ale. I brought some good liquid yeast with me from the US but have not been able to find malt of hops.

Connor said...

It appears many more shops have sprung up in Norway since this was written.. Norbrygg has a complete map, and I'm grateful for Safiren in the Stavanger (Sandnes) area.

Thanks for the great blog!