Sunday, September 03, 2006

Just released: Rogue Pacman Ale Yeast

Wow! Wyeast has just released the legendary Pacman yeast from Rogue Ales as part of its Very Special Strain program. This is a seasonal strain available from September to December, so you'll have to move fast. Here's a quote from the announcement:
Rogue Pacman Ale Yeast™
Available to Homebrewers for the First Time!

John Maier, Brewmaster at Rogue Ales has generously agreed to release his proprietary Pacman Ale Yeast™ to the homebrewing public.

"Pacman is really great yeast; everything about it is good. Pacman attenuates well, is alcohol tolerant, and it produces beers with no diacetyl if the beer is well made. It's very flocculent, which makes it a great choice for bottle conditioning. I ferment almost all my beers at 60deg.F; once in a while for certain styles I'll ferment as high as 70deg.F, but never higher. Use lots of oxygen, and a high pitch rate. I never repitch past the 6th generation, and I always use Wyeast Yeast Nutrient."

- John Maier, Brewmaster, Rogue Ales

I love Rogue's beers and I'm really looking forward to trying out this strain in my own beers.


Anonymous said...

Or you could pitch the yeasty dregs from a bottle of Shakespeare Stout as often as you like. Yeast from bottle conditioned beer isn't hard to reclaim.

grove said...

Yes. Unfortunately the Rogue beers are really hard to get hold of here in Europe. And if one can get ones hand on one then it is likely an old one.