Sunday, September 10, 2006

Brewing again

I've had a small brewing hiatus this summer. The weather has just been too nice, and there's just been too many other things to do. A third reason is that I had to drink up some of the beers I had already made.

The last time I brewed was June 6th, i.e. more than three months ago. I then made a Rye IPA and an Amarillo IPA. Now it is time to get started again. I have several beer recipes lined up and the required ingredients have been collected.

When I brew I usually make two beers at a time. This is mainly to save some time. The thing is that when brewing more than one beer I can cut some corners, multi-task and do some things once instead of twice. An example is cleaning the brewing gear. I only need to clean it properly when the second beer is done. When making a single beer the brewing session usually take six hours, a two-beer session takes between ten and eleven hours. That's between one and two hours saved.

Anyway, my next two beers are:
  • a modern Norwegian christmas beer
  • a witbier
I'll post the recipes next.

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