Friday, March 06, 2009

Brew #69: Russian Imperial Stout

This beer is a straightforward Russian Imperial Stout, which I gave a long three hour boil. Because of that I got a reasonably good mash efficency given that I only did two batch sparges. I have bottled a couple of liters, but will put the rest of it in a keg with two Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans infused with MacAllan 10 yo cask strength single malt whisky.

Added 1ts CaCO3 (calcium carbonate) and 1ts to boil.

The batch was brewed 2009-02-03.

Russian Imperial Stout
25 liters. All grain, batch sparge
100 EBC (Black)
49 IBU
4500g Golden Promise, Thomas Fawcett
4100g Pale malt, Pearl, Muntons
800g Aromatic malt, Dingemans
500g Roasted Barley
500g Special B
500g Flaked Barley
300g Crystal malt, 150 EBC, Thomas Fawcett
150g Carafa I Special, Weyermann
350g Wheat Malt Extract (for OG correction only)
65C, 75 min
62% efficiency
50g Magnum pellets, 14% 60 min
40g East Kent Goldings pellets, 4.8%, 10 min
30g East Kent Goldings pellets, 4.8%, 1 min
2 packs Safale US-05 (rehydrated)
180 min
19 C

OG: 1.092 FG: 1.026 abv: 8.7%


Glass Bottles said...

I tried this one last week! Can't wait to give it a whirl!

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