Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brew #66: Imperial kölsch

The imperial pilsener beer style is a fairly new phenomenon, so why not make an "imperial kölsch" now that I had a fresh kölsch yeast cake? The recipe is pretty much a scaled up version of the kölsch/Czech pilsener hybrid. The Saaz hops have been replaced with Riwaka (formerly known as D Saaz), a very aromatic Saaz breed from New Zealand. It contains twice the oil content of Czech Saaz. As the hop contains a lot of cohumulone (a harsh bittering oil) I thought it best to use Magnum, a cleaner bittering hop for bittering. As I've never used Riwaka before I look forward to see how it compares to its ancestor. The descriptions I've seen sure sounds like it'll do well in a strong and bold pilsener.

Added 1ts CaCO3 (calcium carbonate) to boil aiming at 50 ppm carbonates.

The batch was brewed 2009-01-21.

Strong kölsch
25 liters. All grain, batch sparge
11 EBC (Golden)
51 IBU
8000g Pilsener malt, Castle
500g Wheat malt, Weyermann
200g Melanoidin malt, Weyermann
65C, 90 min
69% efficiency
35g Magnum pellets, 13.5% 60 min
60g Riwaka whole hops, 5.9% 10 min
100g Riwaka whole hops, 5.9% 1 min
40g Riwaka whole hops, 5.9%, dry hop for 4 days
Wyeast 2575 Kölsch II (batch #65 yeast cake).
75 min
19 C

OG: 1.072 FG: 1.014 abv: 7.6%


Ted Danyluk said...

I've had a similar idea to make an imperial style pils using lots of Sterling, which I find to be a stronger or more aromatic imitator of Saaz. I'd like to hear how this turns out as well. I really like how Magnum provided super clean and sharp bitterness in my Belgian Tripel, and could easily see it doing well here.

Anonymous said...

Our Imperial Japanese Rice Lager was really good! Imperial lagers are awesome. The kolsch is interesting to me because the yeast is so aggressive. It's one of the more active yeasts I've seen and it's ability to act like that in cooler temps should make it a perfect high gravity yeast.

Anonymous said...

So how did this turn out?

I am brewing an extract minibatch or pilot batch (1 US gal) of an imperial kolsch. Just using 2 lbs of extra light DME, 1 oz.of Saaz hops, 4 oz of cane sugar & WY2565. It it turns out OK, we'll scale it up to brew a 5 gal batch.