Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ten beers for a beer list

Knut Albert recently started an interesting series of blog posts about what would constitute a nice pub. Today he posted his list of 10 imported bottled beers that deserve a place on a beer menu. All the beers on the list must be available on the Norwegian market, but must not be Norwegian beers (that's for another list).

This makes for an interesting subject, so I've decided to create my own list. The beers are (in alphabetical order):
Note that this list does not constitute a list of my favourite ten imported beers, but more a diverse list that could be a beer list at a pub. Those would of course not be the same, but there are overlaps.

Creating such a list is really hard given its small size. A list of 20 beers would be a lot easier. One have to make sure that there's something for everybody, so a broad selection of beer styles is needed IMO. As the Norwegian market for imported beers is very small some bland beers like Guinness Draft and Hoegaarden Witbier ended up on the list. There are certainly other beers that I would have liked to see on it, but they are not available in Norway.


Anonymous said...

Nice list Geir Ove, but shouldn't the heading say "Ten beers for a bar list"?

Travis said...

good list and good call on the homebrew podcast, those things are great!