Thursday, December 14, 2006

The cat ate my fermentation locks...

Our cat is a notorious hunter, and interested in anything that moves. Surprised I was when I woke up one morning finding the cat on top of one of the carboys chewing on the fermentation lock. I had brewed the beers the day before. The little cat had seemingly been hunting bubbles throughout most of the morning. Fortunately, no beer was hurt.

So, this is the reason why I no longer tighten the cap on the carboys. Instead I leave the cap loose, so that the CO2 can escape without going through the liquid in the fermentation lock. Ever since I did this the cat has lost interest. So, if you have a cat: beware. You have been warned.


the said...

That's a cute cat man.

Travis said...

Quick thought on the air lock:

A while back I was doing a cherry wheat (this thing had 8lbs of cherry's, way too much!) and my airlock kept blowing off so I found this solution that worked out really well.

I used a chunk of hose leftover from my brewing process to go into the plug. This hose ran from the plug to a dish with water in it (sanitizer in the water) and acted as the spill over for the fermenter.

The whole thing worked great and was a REALLY easy way to deal with the clogging issue.

Cute cat.