Sunday, December 10, 2006

Brew #39: Scottish Export 80/-

Today's last brew is a Scottish Export, aka eighty shilling ale. It is a traditional Scottish session ale. The ale is somewhat dark and will hopefully have a malty and slightly nutty character balanced by crisp hops.

This is the first time I use Amber malt, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it affects the result. The yeast is a Scottish yeast strain, which is supposedly a real work-horse.

As per Charlie Papazian's recommendation I added 1/2 ts of cinnamon powder to the mash. This is done to prevent wort oxidization as cinnamon is an efficient antioxidant. I did this to the Grisette as well. The cinnamon should not have any influence on the flavour of the finished beer, at least that's what he said. We'll see. I also used 2 ts of 5.2 in the mash.

For the record: the pale malt was 3700 grams Muntons Pearl Pale Malt and 800g of Castle Pale Malt as I ran out of the first. The Amber malt is from Castle Malting and the Crystal malt from Muntons.

I got terribly low mash efficiency with this beer also. Now I suspect that the crush on the malt mill is too coarse. I'll try to reduce the roller gap for the next brew.

The batch was brewed 2006-12-10.

Scottish Export 80/-
All grain, batch sparge
26 EBC (Light copper)
23 IBU
4500g Pale malt
500g Crystal malt
400g Amber malt
250g Wheat malt
67C, 60 min
76C, 10 min (mashout)
62% efficiency
40g East Kent Goldings pellets 4.9%, 60 min
40g Fuggles pellets 5.1%, 15 min
30g Cascade pellets 5.9%, 1 min
White Labs WLP 028 Edinburgh Ale, best before 2006-09-16, 1 liter starter
90 min
OG: 1.044 FG: 1.011 (estimated)

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