Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Beer flavoured lip balm

Oskar Blues has come up with a great new product idea: beer flavoured lip balm. It is called Old Chub Lib Balm after their Old Chub Scottish strong ale, which is a very nice ale by the way.

Here's their product description:
"Chub Stick" is the world's first beer lip balm. Our small-batch, custom-made balm is made with almond and macadamia nut oils, beeswax, cocoa and other essential oils... and a dash of Old Chub beer and the malts and hops used in brewing Old Chub! It smells and tastes great (like Old Chub), keeps your kisser in sip shape, and it's SPF 15, too.

So when can we expect the Double IPA lip balm?


Lars Marius Garshol said...

The question is whether this is a product for men or women. My girlfriend immediately thought it was for men, but if the thinking is that men are supposed to like the taste of this lip blam I'm not so sure...

grove said...

Hehe. I think women are more likely to appreciate Old Chub than men (more about that in a future post).

Anyway, IMO, if the kissing partner doesn't like the beer flavour I don't think [s]he'd be worth keeping. ;)

xyliawadlow said...

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