Monday, September 11, 2006

Brew #37: Christmas Beer

This is an interpretation of a modern Norwegian Christmas Beer, a malty sweet dark lager with red and brown notes. The batch was brewed 2006-09-11.

Norwegian Christmas Beer
All grain, batch sparge
34 EBC (Light brown)
20 IBU
5500g Münchner malt
1000g Pilsner malt
400g Crystal malt
60g Chocolate malt
750g Dry light malt extract
68C, 60 min
76C, 10 min (mashout)
70% efficiency
30g Northern brewer pellets 10%, 60 min
20g Tettnanger pellets 2.7%, 15 min
White Labs WLP 838, 3 liter starter
90 min
OG: 1.070 FG: 1.017 (estimated)

This is actually my first ever lager beer. We'll see how that goes. I tried to make a big starter, but I'm surprised to see that the starter is not very active. I even used two vials. The yeast seem to want to stick to the bottom, so I'm not sure if it is dead or just bottom fermenting. Well, I'll know soon.

The mash efficiency was 70%, so we're back to normal. I used a tablespoon of 5.2 this time. Didn't seem to have any significant effect, but I'll try it next time as well.


Anonymous said...

«WOW. Keep em coming»

Anonymous said...

Hei Grove - any insights yet into how this brew worked out? I am thinking of laying something special down for next Christmas!
Cheers mate!

grove said...

Hi anonymous!

It ended up as a decent Christmas lager, perhaps a little too neutral for my taste. I felt that it was a too dry, but I blame my thermometers for that. It also lacked much of the malt complexity that I had hoped for.

I'm brewing a new Christmas lager within the next two months, so I'll try to come up with something better then. :)